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Salesperson exam passing courses

To be certain of passing the Department of Real Estate's new computer created, constantly changing state examinations it is necessary to see the questions you will miss before you take your state exam. Lumbleau Schools have those questions! In our debriefing of our students over the past 50 years we gathered over 5,200 of these questions. Each was researched and a reason added as to why the answer was correct for the question. Finally, the textbook paragraphs that explain the subject were added to each question. About 2,900 of the questions are currently used on broker's exams. This is about 90% of the 3,200 questions that the state currently uses on all of their exams.

We give you a way of seeing, using and applying all of our debriefed equivalent questions, keeping only those you need to study. One year was spent creating an interactive computer software program that allows you to eliminate the easy and to keep, for future study, only the questions you would miss in a state exam. Once through the 1,850 questions, you will miss from 500 to 800. These missed questions become your personal study and are set up for further review. Our interactive computer course makes you see, use, repeat and apply difficult questions until they not only can be understood, they can be remembered.

Our method allows you to find the questions you cannot answer. These become your total study. Finally, you eliminate your fear of examinations while testing your ability to pass, by taking our five equivalent state exams

Broker exam passing courses

Our interactive software exam-passing course includes over 3,000 unique, debriefed, annotated questions and four equivalent 200 question examinations.

Once through the more than 3,000 questions, you will miss from 700 to 1,200. These questions become a personal study and are set up for further review.

14 Videotapes 28 Hours of one-on-one videotape personal tutoring

Continuing education experience

Since continuing education is mandatory, why not take courses that not only increase the service you render your clients they also significantly increase your income? To this extent we offer

The creation of a successful real estate salesperson - John Lumbleau's "Creation" course, first given in 1968, introduced the "Farm" method of prospecting and client retention to the profession. His "Service to the Client" methods have created more multi-million dollar salespeople than "user techniques" by any other sales trainers. John Lumbleau's personal appearances, his textbook, his personal video course, his video course in combination with the famous J. Douglas Edwards, his audio course or his audio course in combination with the historic Earl Nightingale, are benchmarks by which great sales training is measured. If you have never had the privilege of learning from John Lumbleau, you are in for the "sales training" treat of your lifetime.

The art of real estate counseling - "Rocky" Chatham is the son Charles Chatham. He carries on the great traditions of the highest levels of professional conduct through the teaching of "The Art of Real Estate Counseling". Charles Chatham is considered my many, through his books and live video and audiotape courses, as the forerunner of "Single Agency." Here again, you will find this a benchmark book on the subject.

These courses, when they were given in live sessions, each sold for over $300. You receive them for only the cost of a continuing education course. Lumbleau makes your continuing education experience both enjoyable and profitable.

Broker 45 hour (3 unit) college courses

SPECIAL PRICING - To provide complete service we will "bundle" your required college courses with your Broker "exam passing course" and discount the total. Call (toll free) 877-635-9944 for details.

  • Required 45 hour college equivalency courses
  • All courses are "textbook mandatory
  • We provide the non-book price for students who either have, or can borrow the textbook.
  • If you need textbooks, we will either sell or rent them.

Sale: The sale price is $19.50* each. This is approximately 50% of the price found for the same textbook at a Community College bookstore.
Rental: The rental is $5.00 for each book. The term is three months from the date of purchase. Rental for each additional month adds $2.50 to the rental price. A deposit equal to the $19.50 original cost is required.

NOTE: There are five mandatory courses required to sit for your Broker exam. Select them first then add the optional courses you need.

Course Name Dre Required Dre Number
Real Estate Economics Mandatory 1658-97
Real estate Principles Optional 1589-96
Real Estate Practice Mandatory 1665-97
Property Management Optional 1667-97
Real Estate Finance Mandatory 1664-97
Real Estate Appraisal Mandatory 572-83*
Escrow Optional 890-87
Mortgage Loan Brokering Optional 1666-97
Legal Aspects of Real Estate Mandatory 1668-97

Note:* The appraisal textbook costs $10.00 more.

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